Why Is Pronounced But Is Pronounced?

Who decides how words are pronounced?

There are two answers.

Pronunciation is decided by the community of English speakers as a whole.

But in some cases, the views of an elite–more educated or more literary people–will be more influential.

Here is an interesting recent example of the “language community” practice..

Is Pronunciate a real word?

“Pronunciate” is a word that isn’t listed in most dictionaries; Dictionary.com does mention it, but it noted that “pronunciate” is used rarely. If you use it, most people will think that you meant to use “pronounce” but screwed up.

Why is it pronounced but pronunciation?

Pronounciation is not a word in the English language. The word is pronunciation. It’s spelt that way, because it is pronounced that way. Although English doesn’t often have phonetic spellings, pronunciation bucks the trend, and is pronounced as it is spelt.

Why are English words pronounced differently?

They must contend with homographs, words that share the same spelling but have different meanings and sometimes different pronunciation. … In some cases, homographs exist because English inherited two different words that happen to sound alike from different original language sources.

What is the difference between pronunciation and pronounce?

The difference is that pronunciation is a word in English and pronounciation is not. Pronunciation’ is considered correct.

Is it pronounce or Pronunciate?

The correct verb in English is pronounce, not pronunciate.