Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Melody?

How do you talk about melody?

Melody may also be described using some following words (with brief definitions): Contour* (shape of the melody) Range (the highest and lowest notes) Scale (the pitches chosen if they belong to a scale set such as major or minor).

How do you describe music?

10 Words to Describe Music1 – Rhythm. Rhythm is essential for musical feel. … 2 – Tempo. Tempo is easy to comprehend because it is measurable. … 3 – Harmony. … 4 – Melody. … 5 – Instrumentation. … 6 – Dynamic. … 7 – Texture. … 8 – Genre.More items…•

What is the another name for melody?

What is another word for melody?airtunesongstrainthememusicrefrainlaylinesubject92 more rows

How do you describe a melody?

If that is what you are interested in, you might consider referring to a musical dictionary and looking up melody. Otherwise, the following words are sometimes used to describe melody—-sweet, sonorous, harmonious, flowing, pleasant, agreeable, beguiling, rhythmic, haunting, repetitious, quick, slow, lazy, languid.

What is an example of a melody?

The definition of a melody is a sequence of pleasing sounds that make up a particular musical phrase. An example of melody is the most memorable arrangement of sounds in a musical composition. “Melody.” YourDictionary. LoveToKnow.

What is another word for famous?

Some common synonyms of famous are celebrated, distinguished, eminent, illustrious, noted, notorious, and renowned.

What is melody and harmony?

Melody and harmony are the bread and butter of music. … Simultaneously sounding notes called harmony bring support and context to the melody. Harmony can be heard as countermelody, where there is interplay between two melodies that create harmony, or as chords, which are made from multiple notes played at the same time.

What is the opposite of harmony?

What is the opposite of harmony?discordancecacophonyoppositiondifferencerefusalhostilityantagonismdissentdissentionvariance67 more rows

What are the elements of a melody?

Kliewer states, “The essential elements of any melody are duration, pitch, and quality (timbre), texture, and loudness.

What strain means?

to exert to the utmost: to strain one’s ears to catch a sound. to impair, injure, or weaken (a muscle, tendon, etc.) by stretching or overexertion. to cause mechanical deformation in (a body or structure) as the result of stress. to stretch beyond the proper point or limit: to strain the meaning of a word.

How do you say melody in different languages?

In other languages melodyAmerican English: melody.Arabic: لـَحْنٌBrazilian Portuguese: melodia.Chinese: 旋律Croatian: melodija.Czech: melodie.Danish: melodi.Dutch: melodie.More items…•

What does discord mean?

noun. lack of concord or harmony between persons or things: marital discord. disagreement; difference of opinion. strife; dispute; war.

What is the meaning of resonance?

1a : the quality or state of being resonant. b(1) : a vibration of large amplitude in a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus of the same or nearly the same period as the natural vibration period of the system.

How many types of melody are there?

Color melodies are groove-based, direction melodies are melodic. Blends are both. Color melodies have one base pitch, direction melodies have none, blends change it every one or two bars.

What does melodic mean?

adjective. of or relating to melody. of or relating to a part in a piece of music. tuneful or melodious.

Which is the closest synonym for the word melody?

Synonyms of melodyair,lay,song,strain,tune,warble.

What is opposite of melody?

melody. Antonyms: discord, dissonance. Synonyms: music, song, tune, air, minstrelsy.

What is the antonym of melody?

What is the opposite of melody?cacophonydisagreementdisuniondisproportioninfightingviolenceincoherencefrictionclashclamourUK11 more rows