Quick Answer: How Do You Drywall Over A Brick Fireplace?

Can you mud over J bead?

Generally, it is a personal preference whether you want to mud the J-bend corner, sand it and paint it, or to not use mud and just paint over it.

However, if you are installing the J-bead in a spot where there will be a lot of vibration present, i.e., by a door, you would NOT want to use mud on it..

How do you fill a gap between a wall and a fireplace?

You can fix gaps between brick fireplaces and sheetrock.Measure the size of the gap between the drywall and the brick.Use 1/4-round trim molding that’s wide enough to cover the space of the gap. … Place a tube of acrylic caulk into a caulking gun. … Replace the caulk in the caulk gun with a tube of construction adhesive.More items…•

How do you fill the gap between brick and drywall?

If the gaps are over ½ inch deep, use a foam backer rod to fill in the gap to ½ inch below the surface then apply the silicone caulk. Smooth the caulk with you finger, don’t over work the caulk, just smooth it and allow it to dry. Once the caulk has dried you can paint it to match the walls.

Should drywall corners overlap?

Check the framing for straightness before hanging the drywall, then assemble the corner so there are no overhanging edges. Rule of thumb: Cut the first board flush with the edge of the corner stud; cut the second board to overlap halfway onto the first board. Secure the edges with screws placed no more than 12 in.

What is the best color to paint a brick fireplace?

The Best Paint Colours to Update and COORDINATE with Your Brick FireplaceSherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015.Sherwin Williams Anew Gray 7030.Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1546.Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray SW 7019.Benjamin Moore Whitall Brown.Benjamin Moore White Down OC-131.Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95.More items…•

Can a brick fireplace be refaced?

Your fireplace starts to show wear over the years with soot, stains and even broken stone or bricks. Since the weather is warmer, now is the perfect time to reface a fireplace to make it the perfect place to gather around and enjoy. There are some basic steps for refacing: Remove the mantel if it’s not built in.

What materials can be used around a fireplace?

Here’s our top 6 picks for fireplace surround materials from recent projects using a FireRock pre-engineered masonry fireplace.Marble. … Metal. … French Limestone. … Stained Concrete. … Precast Concrete. … Natural Stone.

How do you drywall between exposed beams?

Add joint compound, commonly called “mud” in the drywall trade, at the inside and outside corners. While the mud is fresh and wet, embed lengths of corner bead on the outside corners on the lower edge of the beam. Crease and embed drywall tape at the inside corner where the beam meets the ceiling’s drywall.

Do ceiling beams make a room look smaller?

The Long and Short of It. Beams running the length of the room make a short room seem longer. In a small house, or just as an afterthought of a bedroom or guest room, install beams parallel to the longest walls to emphasize the stretch of space.

Can a wood burning fireplace be on an interior wall?

Most standard floors handle fireplaces and stoves. As to the wall, there needs to be a way to vent to the outside, so an exterior wall works best. If you are considering a fireplace on an interior wall, there must be a way to vent to the outside, but today’s technology makes this doable in most situations.

How do you close a gap between a wall and a ceiling?

All it takes is a quick patching job with fiberglass mesh tape. You can then proceed with normal joint taping techniques, using drywall joint compound, which drywall professionals refer to as mud. In the end you’ll create a seamless looking joint between wall and ceiling that conceals the gap completely.

Can I drywall around my fireplace?

Unfortunately, this is highly flammable, and is not an appropriate or safe fireplace surround. The sheetrock had to be removed and replaced with any type of non-combustible surround – stone, tile, marble, or metal.

How do you install drywall edge trim?

Here’s how to install paper-faced corner bead, including a few tips to simplify the job and avoid problems.Step 1: Cut the drywall paper beading with tin snips. … Step 2: Mud the corner. … Step 3: Mist the wall beading. … Step 4: Position the drywall paper bead. … Step 5: Embed the tape. … Step 6: Use staples to align corners.More items…

How much does it cost to reface a brick fireplace?

Depending on the type of stone, refacing your fireplace averages $60 per square foot but could cost more than $100 per square foot. When refacing, a professional will either remove the existing fireplace or install the new material over it.

How do you cover exposed ceiling beams?

A drywall cover makes the beam virtually disappear into the ceiling, making it look more like a soffit than a beam. Secure the drywall directly to the beam, tape and cover all the nails and corners. Add texture with drywall mud to match the ceilings and walls. When dry, paint the beam to match the ceilings and walls.

What do you put behind a fireplace?

Air barrier material behind fireplaces must tolerate heat. Air barrier material can include thin sheet goods such as rigid insulation, sheet metal, or dry wall. These materials may be installed by insulators, framers, or subcontractors or vendors hired specifically to install the fireplace.

Why is there a gap between brick and wall?

Those gaps are called “weep holes” — a building code requirement that drains water out of brick exterior walls. Typically, behind the brick is a 1.5-inch cavity or air space and then the wood structure.