Quick Answer: How Can I Make My Old Brick Fireplace Look Better?

Should I paint my fireplace brick white?

Painted brick is as difficult to clean as regular brick.

If you paint brick in a light color, it will require regular cleaning to keep it looking good.

White or light-colored brick shows dirt more than traditional colors and many people are not prepared for the required upkeep to keep it looking fresh..

What color looks good with brick?

Orange/Red – Red brick with an orange tone looks best will a neutral wall color like a classic warm gray or tan. Also, add accents or furniture in pops of blue, sage green, orange, red, mint, or turquoise. You can balance it out with some cherry brown, warm gray or charcoal, or add contrast with black and white.

How do you modernize a brick fireplace?

Learning to DIY: How to Update a Fireplace on a BudgetAdd a touch of paint. Gone are the days of design elements such as bold and bright red fireplaces and natural, oak-colored wall paneling and trim. … Turn your brick to stone. … Add a mantel. … Think — and build — outside the box. … Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

How do you make an old fireplace look new?

But if your mantel is looking a little tired there are lots of budget-friendly, practical tips to give it a makeover.Start by giving it a good clean. … Brush it up with paint. … Embrace the materials. … Whitewash it. … Tile in style. … Fit a floating beam. … Replace the mantelpiece. … Try a faux fire.More items…•

Can you resurface a brick fireplace?

Your fireplace starts to show wear over the years with soot, stains and even broken stone or bricks. Since the weather is warmer, now is the perfect time to reface a fireplace to make it the perfect place to gather around and enjoy. … When mortar is the consistency of peanut butter, it’s ready to apply to the brick.

How can I make my red brick fireplace look better?

Paint a red brick fireplace a deep shade of matte blue. When the first coat of paint dries, apply a color wash and then quickly wipe it off with a clean, dry towel. To make the wash mixture, mix one part blue paint and one part white paint with four parts of water. Continue to 4 of 32 below.

How do you drywall over a brick fireplace?

When attaching plasterboard to a brick fireplace wall, you have two options: use construction adhesive to glue the drywall directly to the brick, known as the direct bond method, or mount the drywall with screws. Both methods require you to cover the joints with tape and compound.

Does vinegar harm brick?

Never use vinegar on any kind of paver, brick, flagstone or concrete; it WILL damage the surface.

What is the best color to paint a brick fireplace?

Keep It Neutral Tan, beige, cream and light gray blend in for a natural look. Soft shades of black and gray work well with contemporary style rooms. Whitewashing, painting a solid light neutral color, or using a product such as Brick-Anew to create a “real brick” look will blend in with any decor.

What can you do with an old fireplace?

No Heat Required. … Fill It With Fire-Ready Logs Anyway. … Embrace a More Organic Design. … Fake Stacked Logs With a DIY Summer Front. … Place Tiered Candles Inside. … Cover It With an Ornate Fire Screen. … Use It as a Shadow Box to Display a Favorite Object. … Handsome Firebox.More items…

How much does it cost to redo a fireplace?

The cost to remodel a fireplace ranges from $390 to just over $2,000, if done by a professional. A small fireplace remodel might involve repairing or enhancing a fireplace façade, while a larger project would include installing a wood stove or replacing the chimney.

Should I paint my fireplace the same color as the walls?

Go Monochromatic In some cases, you may want to downplay the look of your fireplace so it doesn’t serve as the focal point of the room. Painting it the same color as the wall that surrounds it helps it disappear into the room and allows other features to take center stage.

What to do with old bricks?

I guarantee that you’ll find something that will help you to use up those old bricks, and spruce up your outdoors at the same time.Build a Brick Path.Create Planters/Candleholders.Make a Garden Bench.Make Brick Edging for Garden Beds.Build a Brick Waterfall.Build a Birdbath.Make Colorful Yard Art.Edge Your Walkway.More items…•