Question: What Can You Cover A Brick Fireplace With?

What can you cover a fireplace with?

Resurfacing a FireplacePorcelain or ceramic tile.Concrete or stucco mix.Natural stone slabs.Peel-and-stick tiles.Thinset concrete mix.Wooden boards or paneling.Construction adhesive.Hammer and chisel.More items….

How do you cover up brick?

Two options to cover the brick inside are painting and drywalling. If the wall is an outer wall, the drywall requires furring strips underneath. Drywall is, however, the best option for completely covering the wall.

How do you remove a heatilator from a fireplace?

How To Remove Heatilator Fireplace DoorsMake sure your fireplace is off. Double check that your fireplace has completely cooled and is safe to approach before beginning to remove the doors.Fully open doors. … Locate the tension clips. … Push up on the top clip. … Slide top door pin out of clip. … Remove bottom door pin.

Can I drywall around my fireplace?

Unfortunately, this is highly flammable, and is not an appropriate or safe fireplace surround. The sheetrock had to be removed and replaced with any type of non-combustible surround – stone, tile, marble, or metal.

How do you update an old brick fireplace?

Learning to DIY: How to Update a Fireplace on a BudgetAdd a touch of paint. Gone are the days of design elements such as bold and bright red fireplaces and natural, oak-colored wall paneling and trim. … Turn your brick to stone. … Add a mantel. … Think — and build — outside the box. … Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Can you put stone over a brick fireplace?

Stone Veneer Over Brick: Bottom Line Yes, you can install stone veneer over brick. … As with other surfaces, the brick must provide a stable surface for the veneer layer. At the least, you will need to apply a wet scratch coat to the brick before you install the veneer.

Is brick out of style?

Trend #1 that will continue into 2019: Using natural elements such as brick, stone, and wood accents on your home’s exterior. Trends are moving away from cheaper vinyl siding and moving toward a more earthy natural look. If you’re choosing siding, it’s nice to pair with a simple brick or stone.

What can I put over brick?

Cement board or metal lath sheeting (similar to what is shown below) are both commonly used materials that do the job well. They are installed with masonry fasteners to the existing brick. Once anchored, the cement board is immediately ready for installation.

Can I cover a brick fireplace with drywall?

To remodel your brick fireplace you can simply cover it with drywall. The end result is a smooth wall that you can paint and decorate anyway you like.

How do I cover an unused fireplace?

If you want to seal your fireplace off for good, the easiest way to do so in a hurry is to cut out a foam insulation plug, place it at the bottom of your chimney, and caulk or weatherstrip it in place. For a more lasting seal, check out this DIY article on how to permanently seal an unused fireplace.

Why are there vents on my fireplace?

A fire crackling in the fireplace adds to the ambiance while the heat it generates helps to warm the area. A closed vent can cause smoke to billow into the room, but using the fireplace vents properly ensures enough air feeds the fire and the smoke escapes up the chimney.

What is a heatilator wood burning fireplace?

Heatilator fireplaces, also known as “old-style zero clearance fireplaces”, are a combination of heater and ventilator and are by their nature, fireplaces that circulate air. Old-Style Heatilator Fireplaces use a special venting system that draws in cool room air and releases it as warmer air.

What is the best paint for interior brick?

Elastodynamic paints are especially well-suited for brick because they have a high elasticity that fills in cracks. Most likely you’ll want to use a semi- or high-gloss finish that will show off the unique texture of your brick and be easy to clean.

How can I make my brick fireplace look nice?

Paint a red brick fireplace a deep shade of matte blue. When the first coat of paint dries, apply a color wash and then quickly wipe it off with a clean, dry towel. To make the wash mixture, mix one part blue paint and one part white paint with four parts of water.

Can I cover the vents on my fireplace?

Fans can be disconnected or removed, of course, but the vents are not intended to be covered or plugged. May not matter as much in the case of the gas log set, but I would be very concerned about the one that looks like it has a wood insert or door set on there.

What is the best color to paint a brick fireplace?

The Best Paint Colours to Update and COORDINATE with Your Brick FireplaceSherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015.Sherwin Williams Anew Gray 7030.Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1546.Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray SW 7019.Benjamin Moore Whitall Brown.Benjamin Moore White Down OC-131.Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95.More items…•

Can you skim over brick?

Plastering directly to bare brickwork or blocks, known as ‘wet plastering,’ is still favoured by some for its superior soundproofing. A cement render or gypsum backing (known as a scratch coat) is first troweled directly onto blockwork before this is finished off with a thinner skim coat.