Is Cerakote Better Than DuraCoat?

Can I Cerakote my barrel?

Add A Cerakote Finish to your barrel.

Cerakote Firearm Coatings improve performance and reliability over conventional finishes.

Available in a wide selection of colors, let McGowen Precision Barrel transform your new barrel with professionally applied Cerakote protection..

Does Cerakote scratch easy?

yet. I have had Cerakote scratch off. Well, they say it isn’t paint, but it is paint. Of course paint can be scratched off, and like any paint it adds a measurable thickness where applied, so it shouldn’t be applied everywhere.

What does Cerakote feel like?

The metallic colors like Burnt Bronze feel rough, like shark skin. The solid colors like black can feel smooth and kinda waxy or feel more like bead blasting depending on the particular color used.

Is DuraCoat any good?

Duracoat vs Cerakote Round 3: Durability Duracoat does offer some rust and corrosion protection and generally are easier to clean. However, Duracoat does not offer much chemical resistance or impact resistance. It scratches fairly easy. Cerakote’s ceramic base, though, is extremely strong.

What is the most durable gun coating?

What is the most durable gun finish? The most durable gun finishes are Quench Polish Quench, Chroming, Nickel Boron, Duracoat, Cerakote, and Anodizing. The least durable is bluing but is one of the most attractive tied with chroming and plating.

Does Cerakote wear off?

Registered. The best finish for a hard use gun is SS. All coatings and bluing will wear off.

Does Cerakote chip?

Cerakote is only a surface coating and will wear, and chip…

Can you Cerakote over bluing?

As far as protection goes. Yes, I would think that Cerakote protects metal better than bluing. That said, bluing has been around and protecting firearms for hundreds of years. You can get by without Cerakote if you don’t like it.

Can you DuraCoat over Duracoat?

Overall, the answer to your question is “yes.” Duracoat will absolutely adhere to a previous DuraCoat application. see less Although is a shop environment we would blast off the old duracoat with aluminum oxide and parkerize followed by DuraCoat, it is not necessary. You would disassemble, clean.

How thick is Cerakote?

about 0.001”Cerakote is a very thin application, and is generally applied at about 0.001” in thickness, which is why it is an excellent choice for firearms.

How can you tell the difference between Cerakote and DuraCoat?

Cerakote is primarily a heat-based curing product. This is advantageous for those wanting to have a component ready to go as soon as the oven baking process is complete. On the flip side, Duracoat is air-based, which has a long curing time (up to 4 weeks), which is not for the impatient types.

Is Cerakote better than bluing?

Cerakote is also a more effective barrier against oxidation and corrosion than bluing.

Is Cerakote permanent?

Cerakote requires many hours of prep, spray, and cure time before the firearm can be used. It is a permanent application that cannot be reversed so easily but will endure a long time.

Is Cerakote scratch resistant?

Cerakote® is a ceramic polymer based proprietary formulation that offers industry-leading durability, hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, flexibility, heat, and chemical resistance. Cerakote® can be applied to most substrates including metals, plastics, polymers, composites, hydrographics and PVD.

Does Cerakote stop rust?

Likewise, durable coatings such as Cerakote Coatings can form a passivized or otherwise near-impermeable layer on the surface. This keeps rust at bay and can even act as a semi-permanent lubricant.

Why is Cerakote so expensive?

The reason it’s so expensive is because it is really hard and requires tons of time to do properly. I can guarantee you that the $250 they are asking for each job won’t even properly cover their time. We pretty much “donate” lots of time to each cerakote job we do.

How long will DuraCoat last?

12-18 monthsThe shelf life of DuraCoat® is 12-18 months and DuraCoat® Hardener is 6 months, if properly sealed and stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. These shelf lives can be extended by sealing the product in a zip lock bag and placing it in a refrigerator.

How long does it take to Cerakote a gun?

6-8 daysHow long does it take to get a gun cerakoted? Typically it is 6-8 days, but it all depends on our back log of cerakote work at the time.

Is Cerakote bad for your gun?

If it’s a regular modern gun, and you want it to look a certain way, there is nothing wrong with cerakote. It’s a good finish. It’s durable and it will prevent corrosion. You can cerakote metal, but you cannot cerakote plastic.

How tough is Cerakote?

Picture shows that while Cerakote is the hardest coating available (9h pencil) for a firearm, it is also the most flexible. Testing shows that Cerakote can withstand a 32% elongation without cracking, distortion or coating loss. Durability picture shows a 160lb impact without any coating loss.

What are the benefits of Cerakote?

The ceramic in the Cerakote keeps the gun from getting scratched if it bumps into different things or gets dropped. The thin layer also protects the moving parts from wear. This keeps the gun in the proper specifications for longer so you don’t have to replace parts and it keeps functioning correctly.